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City of Cambridge, STEAM Initiative

A Logo Design & Graphic Identity for the Future of Modern Education

Griot’s Eye Graphic Recording

Logo & Website Design for an Expert Creative Consultant

Nautilus Financial Advising

Logo & Website Design to Inspire Confidence

Magazine Beach Partners

Layout Design & Infographics for an Annual Report

Creative Strategy

Every brand has their own challenges and goals which is why they deserve solutions tailored to their needs. Projects begin with strategy to empathize with your audience and bring forward the compelling ideas that people resonate with.

Brand Positioning, Content Strategy

Graphic Design Eye

Graphic Design

A logo design, visual identity, and other graphic products can help align your message and audience. Visual solutions should do exactly that and solve real problems whether communicating relevance or demanding attention.

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Print Materials

Web Design

Having an online presence allows you to reach your audience where and when it's most effective. Our websites are built to provide memorable experiences without sacrificing functionality. They are responsive and built with SEO best practices to achieve your goals.

Website Design & Development, Site Management Optimization, Traffic Analysis,

Callum Griffith

Callum is a Cambridge–based designer bringing a background in branding to web design and digital media. With previous clients including the City of Cambridge and work that has received national attention, Callum's coupled specialties in design and business are a unique perspective and asset.

Our Design Philosophy

We believe the future of design is centered in the strategy of solving business challenges, that great design has a purpose larger than itself, and coffee is best served black.

All jokes aside, we strongly believe in the idea that design should be as simple as possible without being too simple. In other words; form follows function.

The brands we work with are made to communicate their relevance visually and stand against the test of time.

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